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Stop Blaming Obama for Your Problems

Here is a picture I saw on Facebook a little earlier today. Take a good look. I am sure you will react to it.

A picture I saw on Facebook

A picture I saw on Facebook

Interesting, isn’t it.

I have found that often it’s pointless to engage in a discussion about politics with anyone as it only ends with people spouting nonsense and not sticking to the actually facts. I am not just talking about a snapshot in time as this picture depicts. I am talking about real facts. The ones you have to go and search around for to really understand. Sadly, I found that most people looked at this picture and felt that since he was president, Obama is to blame for it. I couldn’t believe people were so short sighted and seemed to have a massive case of tunnel vision. Not that it will change anyone’s mind, but this is what I felt I had to write on this picture as a response.

” What people will not tell you is the reason that gas was so low at the time was because people were anticipating big changes with Obama coming into office which is why it fell so precipitously. No one mentions that 6-7 months earlier it was as high as $4.10 a gallon under Bush. Over the last 15 years, gas prices have been like a roller coaster and that will not change just because a new president is in office since oil is so global. Also what people will not tell you is the rate of mortgage loans is higher now because the economy was so in the toilet with bush in office that the federal reserve was slashing interest rates to try and boost the economy. A higher rate denotes that there was some recovery and now banks are able to charge more because we are all doing a little better. A 5% food cost increase seems about right and since it is tied in with gas prices, you can see why it’s higher. Notice it does not mention what is considered “High Unemployment.” It also does not mention what criteria is used for the “Misery Index.” The US debt is higher now because there was no long term plan to pay it off when Bush left office. A majority of the additional amounts come from interest on that 10.6 trillion. Again, no one mentions that. You cannot give everyone a tax break and expect the dept to not balloon which is what Bush did, again to try and improve the economy. The value of a home is also tied into the value of the US dollar. Our money took a hit because of various factors, including our debt amount and the credit downgrade we suffered. There was also no mention of what is considered “long term unemployment.” It seems to me that posts like this are aimed at people who barely made it out of high school or not at all. Anyone with at least a little college or common sense can see through this. Also, if you truly want to see the debt get cut big time, stop arguing about paying a slightly higher tax. Notice that there are so many extremely rich people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet that actually want to pay more taxes, yet those bills never get passed. If it meant paying down the debt and ensuring social programs, we should gladly pay $4-5 more dollars per check to get it done. If you don’t want to do that, then how exactly are you helping to pay it down? This is our country and it is our responsibility to pay this debt down. Ours because we put these people into office and we need to hold them accountable. To put the blame on one man is childish and small minded. Not a single republican wanted to try and help pass a budget deal unless they looked like the heroes and not a single democrat wanted to make reasonable concessions. These are the people we all put in office. Stop blaming one man and put the blame where it belongs: On all of us. Grow up and take some responsibility. I may be sick, but even I can see the hypocrisy here.”

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