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In Search of the Dream Catcher – Help

“It’s not that she wants do die. That’s not it at all. The situation is just so grim for her. All she’s known in her life is pain, suffering…death. From the time she was a little girl she’s never known what joy is. I’m sure she has an idea about it, but the experience escapes her. I think she’s made up the world she partially lives in to help deal with the sorrow she feels about everything that’s happened. She isn’t your typical starving artist. She is a heavily damage girl, probably the worst I’ve seen in my career. My question to you is…is this something you really want to get involved in? Do you really have the resolve to deal with all that will come for you? Because if you can’t I suggest you leave now. Just walk away…and never look back. If you get close to her and see all the horrors that have permeated her mind then decide to leave her, you could very well cause unspeakable troubles.”

“Why? Why would it be my fault?”

“Because of what you would eventually become to her.”

“And what exactly might that be?”

“Maybe you better ask her that question.”


-Excerpts from “In Search of the Dream Catcher”-

In Search of the Dream Catcher working cover

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